Buying Lens for shooting kids, need advise.

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Re: Buying Lens for shooting kids, need advise.

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thx guys, getting my self the 24-105 f4


Here is some of my experience with shooting my kiddo.
When my son was younger (0-3years) and needed more care, and I was the only person around, I was always using A7III + 35mm. The reason for that was that I was able to shoot using one hand only. With zoom you always need both hands.
In all other situations I'm using 24105 outdoor and 35 1.8 or 85 1.8 indoor (especially with poor light). 1.8 works nicely with shooting one person.

But you have a two daughters which means that most often you want to have them both sharp so you need use at least F4/5.6 because of DOF. That means that 24105 will work perfectly for you. One more benefit: 24105G is the only standard zoom lens with OSS which makes a difference for video (pretty sure that you are video recording as well

PS. After thousand of shots I have realized that that 70% of all my keepers are shot @24 and @105 which means that focal length range works for me.

wow , never thought about he DOF and 2 kids, it's very clever

thanks 😁

You have to teach your family to pose primarily in plane paralel to camera sensor, so you can use wider aperture :-). It's tough with my 4y daughter, but, but I keep training 😁😁😁

To be hones there should be a separated category for photographers, something more advanced that sport/action photography. I would call it kids/cats.

The other nice category would be kids' sport. Ufff... all known techniques from adult sport photography are not enough. Kids sport is a pure chaos

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