Canon RF 15-35mm 2.8 fails vs EF 16-35mm 2.8 III

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Different Focus Distance IMO

gipper51 wrote:

petestone wrote:

Here's full frame samples of both the 16-35mm III and the 15-35mm lenses to get an idea of where things tend to go soft. Look at the upper right and left corners to see the comparison at full resolution.

Wow, not a great showing from the 15-35 here. Really not much on the top portion of the image is critically sharp (houses). The hedge line is pretty sharp from the right side transformer till about halfway between the two vehicles, then drops off fast toward both edges. And the focused areas on the bottom is pretty much a match between the two, so it doesn't appear to be a focus distance variation.

I do not agree both shots have the same focusing distance.  When I looked at the mid-frame of both, the sharpness ordering is reversed.  Also, what is 15mm vs 16mm looks like, as I think 15mm on the 15-35 lens is the one that gets used more frequently.  Maybe focus bracket it?  Shooting f/4 at a deep scene like that is not easy.

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