Lumix DMC-G1 sent for conversion to Full Spectrum

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Re: Lumix DMC-G1 sent for conversion to Full Spectrum

xpatUSA wrote:

Apart from all the normal "how to" stuff for full spectrum/IR photography, are there any issues specific to this camera or it's close relatives, e.g. GH1, that I need to be aware of?

I've been shooting FS/IR with Sigma DSLRs for a good few years.

My current lenses are the Leica 45mm Elmarit macro and the 12-35mm X-Vario G. Would also be trying an M42 Takumar SMC 24mm on it.

Conversion being done by LifePixel.

I got my S1R converted by KolariVision for Full Spectrum + their IRChrome filter (I think they're the better outlet personally). They have a guide on which cameras take to the conversions well (

Service was super fast and they have the AR coating option to reduce hot-spots for the conversion. 
The GH1 shouldn't have an issue with an internal IR sensor like some of the other M43 cameras so you should be good to go.

Kolari costs a little more when adding the AR coated coverglass, but from my shooting its soooo worth the extra cost.

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