Sony A1, A7R4, A7S3 Ergonomic with cloves.

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Re: Sony A1, A7R4, A7S3 Ergonomic with cloves.

dcstep wrote:

Erwann Loison wrote:

macautio wrote:

I try last winter to use Canon R5 and it is impossible use with cloves.

Button is much smaller and much little play than Sonys, And Sony have's much more customization buttons.

Ergonomic is much more than to only cap between handle and lens.

I choose better buttons than little bigger gap between lens and handle.

Then I guess I misunderstood the purpose of your post.

Regardless, I still think some more room for the fingers between the grip and the lens wouldn't hurt...

You said: "Although I will not try, I don't think these cameras handle very well with cloves." Yet you persist in presenting a position where you have no experience. And, you're doing it in a thread that starts with some accurate pix from a photographer with actual experience.

Why? What are you adding, other than fueling a debate that most of us that actually shoot in the cold have no problem with?

I believe Erwann was being facetious, that the cameras don't handle well with 'cloves'. (No offense to the OP, I realize English is probably not your native language.)

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