Custom profiles in DXO PhotoLab 4

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Re: Custom profiles in DXO PhotoLab 4

Digital Nigel wrote:

nigelc1 wrote:

Some brands of camera are praised for their colour science yet I understand it is possible to create a custom profile in Photoshop/Lightroom to adjust any cameras colour output to your taste. I haven't done this myself yet but as I've moved away from Adobe can this be done in Photo Lab or is it basically a fancy name for saving custom edits whereby colour adjustments can be applied automatically

PhotoLab does this automatically — just tell it which camera's colour renderings you want it to use. You don't have to create anything yourself. I've long had PhotoLab automatically apply Leica M9 colours to all my raw images, from all my cameras, none of which is a Leica.

I didn't know that - amazing!

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