Does firmware update reset U1-3 settings?

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Re: Does firmware update reset U1-3 settings?

plumberdp69 wrote:

giarc wrote:

Kaj E wrote:

You can NOT have different settings for movies and stills in the same U.

That is false. Just save user settings while in stills and video to confirm. You really get 6: 3 stills, 3 video.

Strange, I did the 3 stills U and followed by 3 movie U. Later found out that in stills mode, U1-3 settings were the last settings I used in M mode. Movie U1-3 were ok.

Can you check and try your stills U1-3 and then movie U1-3? Thanks.

I guess I can check 3 for giggles, but I use 2 user modes in stills and 2 in video, and both work as expected ( user 1 and user 2 on the mode dial ).

Do note that not all settings are saved into the user mode. Things like single vs continuous release and some others are NOT saved at all; it seems crazy, but its true So crazy that I feel this limits the user mode usefulness, thus my use of only 2 in each mode: stills, user 1 is for my manual lenses( FN1/2/ zoom for focus check), user 2 for AF-F with tracking on FN1/FN2. Video user 1 for regular 4k at 24p and user 2 for 1080 slow mo.

I forget the entire list of things NOT saved, but it can be confusing.

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