Japan’s Favorite Camera Brand Isn’t Canon, Nikon, or Sony, Survey Reveals

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Re: Japan’s Favorite Camera Brand Isn’t Canon, Nikon, or Sony, Survey Reveals

Tibor1 wrote:

I think the overall strategy of Pentax to stay firmly dedicated to DSLR technology and OVF is beginning to pay off.

A lot of people say it's craziness what they are doing. I disagree, it's definitely a courageous strategy but not a crazy one - there are clear logical assumptions behind it.

First, it's clear that the dslr market is getting more and more abandoned by other camera producers and, at the same time, there are and will be always customers who prefer OVF over EVF for very different reasons. They will exist probably forever.

I agree, though looking back through the history of photography, when hot products go out of fashion, they tend to crater pretty hard. Folding roll film cameras were a staple of photography for about 60 years. There were ones made after their demise, but not many. This is the only one I know of off the top of my head...


Those that failed to transition to the next hot product you have probably not heard of. The next hot product was 35mm fixed rangefinders. 10 years later, it happened again and those that didn't transition to SLR are now footnotes.

Second, Pentax obviously works with relatively limited budget, it simply must concentrate its resources. In my opinion, these types of economic constrains make the company often stronger and more inovative in the field of its focus.

The part that strategy that doesn't make sense to me is that waning development of DSLR lenses means there will be no Tokina or Tamron lens partnerships going forward. Pentax's small market share will have to be enough to cover the design of all new lenses, without any wheeling and dealing as they have done in the past. New camera development may be slow, but Pentax knows how to create good upper tier DSLRs at decent price points. It's the lens situation that is troublesome.

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