Loud noise coming from studio flash unit

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Re: Replacement unit also went out with a bang

MrSWphoto wrote:

In my short time doing studio photography, I've managed to make 5 units do this. Don't ask, I don't know how I manage it.

If you use it once or twice more after the shot that makes the loud bang and over exposes the light, the unit will probably start emitting smoke and a horrendous smell (as discussed before). I wish I knew a fix for these fails.

An issue I've had more recently on one of my new Neewer S-400N units is a loud purring type noise, which I have no idea about and have since contacted Neewer about. But any ideas on a fix would be great. I've kind of lost confidence with flash heads over the past couple years.

Let me be blunt, if you want to avoid these kind of faults then you need to avoid cheap poorly made units like the Neewer, it's not so much about the money you spend either, it's more about avoiding the known bad products.

I'm not claiming it doesn't happen with better equipment but it should be fairly rare or if the equipment hasn't been used in years or used extremely heavily but suffice to say it should be relatively rare with anything halfway decent.

Look for brands like Paul C Buff, Elinchrom, Godox, Profoto, Broncolor, Hensel etc. As I have a habit of saying, we are relatively spoilt for choice when it comes to good flash heads but there's definitely some to be avoided too.

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