Nikon Z50 Trouble loading custom picture profile

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Re: Nikon Z50 Trouble loading custom picture profile

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Timo Vahala wrote:

You need to load your Picture Control to camera. See pages 204-206 in your camera manual.


Thanks, that is exactly what I did. I even tried a different memory card to see if the original card was bad. It didn't work either.

So you've done this:

And it won't load it? there are different versions of the PC files, not sure what your file is, but it looks like the Z50 can use NCP, NP2 and NP3 files.

Did you make the file in Nikon's software or get it from the internet?

I copied the file from and downloaded it to computer and then directly to the card. I also used Nikon'a picture control editor 2 to try and save it to the card. I have a feeling there is something corrupt with the card.

You mentioned that you used Picture Control Utility to export to the card, but there are a few ways of doing this. What happens if you then try to import from the card? Does it show up?

And just to confirm: are you using the "file" or "card" option? You should be using "card":

Once you do that, it should create the appropriate structure on the card. So next, would you mind posting a screenshot of your file browser, showing the folder structure & contents of the memory card?

The valid location should be:

  • <Card root> / NIKON / CUSTOMPC / <PICCON01.NP3>

(or whatever the file name is). It should NOT be in the "DCIM" directory.

For example:

Once here, try putting the card in the camera and importing.

Thanks for the detailed response and suggestion. I did try and save it to the card and not the file in the picture control utility. I put the NIKON/CUSTOMPC folders in the DCIM directory first but when that didn't work I tried it outside of that directory, which didn't work either.

Will try fresh again tonight when I get back home and see what happens. Thanks for the help!

So here is the screen shot showing the directory for the memory card before I put it into the Z50.

And here is the screen shot of the card directory after I put it into the Z50 and tried to load the picture profiles. Something does not seem right. The Z50 seems to be creating a new NIKON folder.

That's weird. I would do try the following:

  • Format the card in camera. You will lose data on it, so back it up first.
  • (From the camera), export any picture control from the camera to the card. This will create the folder and all that
  • Then move the card to the computer. (from the computer): Export the Picture Control you want to the card.
  • (back to the camera): Try importing the picture control to the camera.

Good advice.

Very weird! The dates look awfully weird too: Jan 4, 2019? and why is there a Z_50 subdirectory in 'Nikon'? ( 2nd screenshot )

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