Best filters for Z 14-24s lens

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Re: Best filters for Z 14-24s lens

PSK wrote:

Kaj E wrote:

I would recommend not using a polarizing filter on an ultra-wide lends. There will be severely uneven blue skies.

Would that also be the case with the Z14-24 as the filter does not go directly onto the lens, but is attached to one of the hoods?

Its not the design of any particular UWA lens, its the nature of how polarization works. Any ultra-wide will have the same issue. 'Perfect' polarization effect is at a 90 degree angle to the sun, and fades off in both directions creating an uneven effect over the UWA scene, and is most easily seen in blue skies. Where and how it shows up will be scene dependent, but it will be there. A CPL can still work OK on wide lenses, especially if you are trying to remove reflections from foliage or water, but the uneven effectiveness is something to be aware of.

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