Autofocus Mirror/Cat Lens with Adapter: Worth Trying?

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Re: Autofocus Mirror/Cat Lens with Adapter: Worth Trying?

I bought a FotodioX Pro Pronto adapter for Leica M to Fuji X. Upon mounting it on an X-T4 and putting a Tokina 400mm f8 reflex lens on it, it attempted to focus but didn't even come close. (Sometimes it indicated focus success but it wasn't remotely focused.) I helped it by getting the lens nearly focused, and the adapter just defocused it more.

I gave it a couple dozen attempts and then, on reading the manual again, deduced that its mode is controlled by the camera-set aperture. I had it at f/1.0 with AF-S as instructed; then out of curiosity I decided to try switching to MF mode and set the aperture to f/32. This should activate "close focus mode" which I guessed meant that it would extend the helicoid all the way like a macro extension tube. It didn't do anything.

I switched it back to f/1.0 and AF-C mode; nothing happened. I turned the camera off and on, took it off and let it sit for a while, tried again; nothing. Normally when you turn the camera on and off it activates the helicoid. It doesn't do that anymore. It appears to have stopped working. I'll be sending it back.

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