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Re: *** Your R System Images - May ***

I was in B&H Photo on Sunday and ended up getting the Canon R5 and Tamron 35-150 f/2.8-4. I'm coming from a Sony A7iii. Shot the R5 first time yesterday. At one point not too long after the sun went down I took the following shot, but didn't realize at the time that my manual settings were 1/1000 at f/8, so the ISO was up around 8000. It's not a bad picture though. There was a lot of noise in the shadow because it was overexposed, but DXO Photolab did an admirable job. I will say I had a hard time getting the building and tree colors back to what I saw, but I'm a neophyte at PP. Anyway, here's the shot. It's actually a sharp pic but DPReview probably mangles it somewhat.

Here's another. I just hit it with whatever DXO does automatically.

My testing of the R5 will continue. It's going to take some getting used to. The colors and contrast are a lot punchier than the A7iii. Hopefully, the files are not harder to work with. I do wish the R5 had a dedicated dial of button for exposure comp. Maybe I won't miss that much as I get more time with the camera.

Lastly, the Tamron 35-150 is a really nice lens, and seems to focus fast. It is a big lens; a little smaller than the RF 70-200 f/2.8, but a fair bit lighter. However, I am mostly an Olympus m43 user, so it may not be that big to you.

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