Does firmware update reset U1-3 settings?

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Re: Does firmware update reset U1-3 settings?

plumberdp69 wrote:

Think I know why my stills U1-3 settings have mysteriously disappeared.

I thought we have U1-3 for stills and also U1-3 for movies by toggling the DISP button. Just did my stills U1-3 and then U1-3 for movies. When I switch to stills U1-3, settings are all gone! Checked the manual, it does not say whether it is U1-3 for stills and another U1-3 for movies or only 3 U to be shared between stills and movies.

Anyone here with U1-3 settings for BOTH stills (*3) and movies (*3)?


Yes, there are 6 user modes: 3 stills, 3 video.

To save and recall stills user 1-3, be in stills mode. To save and recall video user 1-3 be in video mode.

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