Tripod 'system' upgrade - help/advice

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Tripod 'system' upgrade - help/advice

I've got a really old Bogen tripod (very heavy/cantankerous) and a newer, smaller carbon fiber Dolica.  This system isn't working for me for a couple of reasons.

The old Bogen design is great but it's just so heavy (10+ lbs) and it's got a variety of aging issues.  None bad alone but added up I'm ok with an upgrade.

On the Bogen, I would mount the old giant hexagonal plate to my gear and just pop it into the head.  Boom, done.  I want that again.  I don't know what it's called, though.  Manfrotto has a lot of plates now.

The Dolica has a special sized mounting plate and no matter what I order from them, it's the wrong size.  I've lost mine so it is now useless.  I will get a new head for it once I figure out what kind of plate I have to get to do what I want on my primary tripod.

Most everyone has gone to an 'arca-swiss-type' plate now, including the Dolica.  But they're all different and it just slides around and you have to screw it in with a tiny knurled knob, which doesn't confirm a good connection like the 'click in' hex plate.  Plus it's quite difficult to turn that knob..

<gripe on>: Why is this the greatest new thing?  I mean, CLICK! vs.. fiddle fiddle, slide, adjust, turn, turn, hope... why?  <gripe off>

Also, I'd really like a fluid head.  One large, one small ideally.. but maybe just 1 medium.  I'm strong but tendonitis and arthritis sucks.

I saw a video where Kirk had designed their plates to go on a Manfrotto 502AH head.  The Kirk adapator is called a 'Quick Release' arca-type.  I thought that sounded great.. maybe I could get a click-in system again.. and the fluid head.... on a newer lighter set of legs like Benro's Mach3 or something.. cool.

I can get an L bracket for my D750 and be done, right?  I have no idea what 'arca-type' it is but if I get 1 system, a few extra plates, I can mount all my cameras/lenses to this 1 mid-sized tripod and be done.  I'll figure out the little tripod later.

BUT.. "quick release" apparently is just words.  It's the same finger-jamming little knob adjusting thing.  I don't see a mechanism that would lock it in otherwise.

Kirk Head fix

I was so close.

Does anyone know of a way to get the fluid head, with an easy or real quick release setup?

I have not used a Kirk or RRS system so I only know the cheap stuff... Neewer, Dolica, and Leofoto.  they all have so much drag/resistance on the tightening knobs I can barely tell when they get all the way tight.

Thanks for any suggestions.. and your patience reading this!

Nikon D750
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