lossless and spatial audio - high res for our ears - I am amazed πŸ€—

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lossless and spatial audio - high res for our ears - I am amazed πŸ€—

Apple never fails to surprise me. I know this is a photo oriented forum but I guess it's always been the same - high end is for me an uphill battle on all forefronts of senses.

No matter whether it is flavor, vision, haptics or audio quality.

In a nutshell - Apple Music will now offer at no extra cost:

  • AAC 256 kbit/s with 48 kHz
  • ALAC 16 bit 44.1 kHz CD quality
  • ALAC 16 bit 48 kHz
  • ALAC 24 bit up to 192 kHz studio mix quality ( except a few ones that even go up to 384 kHz  )
  • Dolby Atmos audio for music files ( mostly converted 5.1 files I guess )

I was in strong opposition to any kind of music streaming since it basically offered no tangible advantage other than having a bit less work organizing my own music accordingly - and I own a lot. Tried Tidal only to find out that my highres files sounded better.

iTunes Music Match does the job very well for me when traveling - just 25 € a year and all my ( previously purchased ) music is available on all my devices in 256 kbit AAC - which is fine enough for traveling - especially in the car where wind and tire noise are the dominant factors latest above some 60 mph ( 100 km/h ).

Yet at home I love the extra resolution and detectable audio quality. There is an audible difference between lossy compressed audio and high res audio files - checked many times in double blind tests and clearly audible - even though my ears are aging to be completely honest. The dynamics and time differences are clearly audible and I enjoy my downloaded and physical high res media played on my high end speakers.

The high end audio formats will be playable via HDMI and a DAC - finally my OPPO 105D will get a bit more work from the Apple TV and not only via the NAS over Ethernet.

This is absolutely great news and I will for the first time in my life subscribe to a streaming service. Simply because it is tightly integrated in my deices and offers now the very same audible quality as my curated and carefully selected DVD-As and BluRay Audio devices.

Just amazing what Apple is doing these days.

I've installed three M1 equipped new MACs and these are also mind-blowing fast and efficient.

The latest products are nothing short but stunning on all fronts.

Just wanted to praise the day and this new achievement since it confirms that the direction of Apple is right and the invested money in the eco system pays off in so many areas that it's hard to imagine any other brand at this point in time simply because the combined offering is just amazing.

A day to celebrate and remember in history.

( what do you guys think ? )

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