Firmware update for Olympus E-M1X & III???

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Re: Firmware update for Olympus E-M1X & III???

whumber wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

But will any of that help the profitability and success of the new venture. I really think they need to win the hard financial battles, not the hearts and minds of the Olympus faithful.

An E-M1 Mark IV is what I think they need (2022) with:

> Bird AF, Animal Eye AF and Tr that really works and with target selection controls for when there are more than one animal in view.
> updated EVF and LCD
> updated sensor
> same BLH-1 battery and same HLD-9 (or at least BLH-1 and HLD-9 backward compatible)
> SD card based FW updates
> 4K 60 video

and they should start it at a competitive price, not the usual high price like they did with the Mark II and the X. It needs to be an ‘all or nothing’ camera priced on day-0 to have the pre-order lists filled.


Agree with most of this, but I hope that they would transfer the improved ergonomics from the E-M1X into a theoretical E-M1IV but in a non-integrated grip body. Also wouldn't be surprised to see a new battery grip with a joystick in portrait orientation. As for FW updates, we already have SD card updates unofficially and the bluetooth updates they debuted in the E-M1iii work really well.

I’d hate to need a new battery grip.

As for ergonomics, I absolutely hate the position of the Menu button on the Mk III. Holding the camera with my left hand and needing to reach across to the button with my left hand is difficult when using the EVF - as I do outdoors in bright sun or anytime I don’t have my reading glasses.

Lightsnow may disappear anytime, and we don’t know how or from where they get the FW files. And besides, they don’t offer FW for lenses.


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