Firmware update for Olympus E-M1X & III???

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Re: Firmware update for Olympus E-M1X & III???

Messier Object wrote:

But will any of that help the profitability and success of the new venture. I really think they need to win the hard financial battles, not the hearts and minds of the Olympus faithful.

An E-M1 Mark IV is what I think they need (2022) with:

> Bird AF, Animal Eye AF and Tr that really works and with target selection controls for when there are more than one animal in view.
> updated EVF and LCD
> updated sensor
> same BLH-1 battery and same HLD-9 (or at least BLH-1 and HLD-9 backward compatible)
> SD card based FW updates
> 4K 60 video

and they should start it at a competitive price, not the usual high price like they did with the Mark II and the X. It needs to be an ‘all or nothing’ camera priced on day-0 to have the pre-order lists filled.


Agree with most of this, but I hope that they would transfer the improved ergonomics from the E-M1X into a theoretical E-M1IV but in a non-integrated grip body. Also wouldn't be surprised to see a new battery grip with a joystick in portrait orientation. As for FW updates, we already have SD card updates unofficially and the bluetooth updates they debuted in the E-M1iii work really well.

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