Is it right professionals say gear doesn't matter?

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Is it right professionals say gear doesn't matter?

The answer is Yes and No.

It solely depends on how skilled you are and how you craft your art and is your current equipment limiting your result you are after.

I don’t totally agree with some professionals saying it’s not gear, it's the person behind the camera. But it’s totally agreeable for a beginner who has no idea about the craft nor the photographic equipment. I really don’t want people to waste many years and money as I did. Too obsessed with camera gear.

I’m still obsessed with camera gear but on the other hand I totally agree that the less we worry about gear and more about craft bring great pictures. But having great precisely suitable and capable camera equipment does make us less worried about it and kinder the confidence when we are working professionally and with limited time and harsh weather.

If you are a beginner it is very best to start with a cheaper camera and learn the craft and when you are making money and if you really feel it’s the gear not letting you achieve the result you are after please upgrade. If you are damn sure it is the gear holding you from the result you are after then upgrade irrespective of what professionals are saying. After all those professionals who say gear doesn’t matter. Most of the time they are shooting with sophisticated tools bought using a huge chunk of money. But if you are not sure upgrading equipment will bring the result you are after please don't upgrade. keep learning.

I have seen many photographers starting with cheap cameras as well as mobile phones and already making fantastic pictures. But half of them really made even fantastic images after they made the upgrade. They were learning to see better with limited equipment. I’m sure they were limited by the gear from the results they were dreaming after seeing current results. But the other half still make similar images and sometimes they make bad images than they did with cheaper equipment or with their mobile phones.

I would never ever listen to gear advices from great photographers as I listen to their method of taking pictures and how they see. I would listen from camera reviewers only regarding equipment. Because I do understand taking great pictures is vastly different than evaluating gear. Although tears are dripping from my eyes I’m still a better camera reviewer than a good photographer I wanted to be.

The people who look for gear advice are beginners with not much understanding with light and composition techniques and mainly they don’t have the idea how to see, that is why professionals advice don’t get stuck in gear. And it is really great they do it that way.

Someone who thinks gear upgrade is necessary would never ever listen to others. He would be like a person who needs water when he is thirsty. He’d surely know it. He might ask about comparison between two different things. That’s another thing.

Great photographers rarely have time to research about gear. They use one camera for years and suddenly when another manufacturer sponsors another camera some time they might fall in love with it and make a review. They might compare a camera they are using for 10 years to a newer camera released from another manufacturer yesterday! I feel like are you from cave man?

Is Leica overpriced?

Higher priced equipment are higher priced for a reason. They offer more performance either by absorbing more light or by focusing faster or providing weather sealing if not simply more controls. If you need that and if you feel those are the reason holding you then nothing wrong in buying them as far as you can afford.

Many people say apple is overpriced mac is overpriced in my country (Sri Lanka) . In my opinion no they aren’t. Personally i don’t like those ecosystems and I don’t use them. But they are NOT over priced in my opinion. They are overpriced for some niche people like myself but not overpriced for general public. Some people can even save money by buying them instead of buying wrong equipment in long run. Their support also great in most countries.

Leica on the other hand it is overpriced. The pricing of Leica does not come from it’s performance and features. It comes from it’s luxury item stance and Rich people with nostalgia feelings. Similar to Vertu mobile, Rolls royce cars and Rolex watches.

Today i saw an album where the photographer said it was taken in Leica gear and no post processing involved in the caption.For me it’s a promotion for Leica if not he’s simply boasting that he has Leica.

Unlike street photography or landscape Wedding is something most likely taken in light controlled environment and post processing is largely not essential in my opinion. You can do the same post processing by shaping light. I do post processing time to time but it’s a personal choice. Just because not doing post processing one is not a great artist. But I have been processing some of my image where i understood the light and had time to shape it. I found my self in those images I'm wasting time in post processing and sometimes they ruin the image rather than doing any good.

Yes expensive equipment save time from post processing as the colors are good they are sharp wide open blah blah. But do you need Leica equipment for that? No. Leica is an overpriced luxury item. They aren’t priced for their performance nor the features. You can do that with 5 time cheaper equipment more conveniently than with leica. Can you take similar pictures with an entry level body and kit lens. Mostly no. But can you get that with high end system with fast primes? Astounding yes!

Full frame camera with f/1.4 lens from the manufacture.

There is only one thing i like about Leica is their M mount with ultra fast primes. No other system really have that small ultra fast primes with a small body with that sharpness in wide open. Their lenses have consistent rendering and color reproduction.

But again they achieve this with no stabilization and autofocus. I really don’t need both of them for my work.

Will I buy it? Never i would sell them even if you gift one for me. Leica is simply a luxury items and the price is never justified for performance and features. I want to be valued by the images I make not by the gear I use.

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