Japan’s Favorite Camera Brand Isn’t Canon, Nikon, or Sony, Survey Reveals

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Re: Japan’s Favorite Camera Brand Isn’t Canon, Nikon, or Sony, Survey Reveals

I think the overall strategy of Pentax to stay firmly dedicated to DSLR technology and OVF is beginning to pay off.

A lot of people say it's craziness what they are doing. I disagree, it's definitely a courageous strategy but not a crazy one - there are clear logical assumptions behind it.

First, it's clear that the dslr market is getting more and more abandoned by other camera producers and, at the same time, there are and will be always customers who prefer OVF over EVF for very different reasons. They will exist probably forever.

Second, Pentax obviously works with relatively limited budget, it simply must concentrate its resources. In my opinion, these types of economic constrains make the company often stronger and more inovative in the field of its focus.

And there is also an inovative marketing communication with customers... Take, for example, those pre launch series of "letters" from the marketing manager of Pentax K3iii. It was not a typical corporate style of blabla communication. It was an honest, open and somehow even humble monologue about how he and his teammates perceive the core values of their beloved brand and what they think is essential to do in order to keep the "soul" of Pentax alive. For me personally, a very inspiring and human way of communication with target customers. And a VERY unique one nowadays! And, seeing the (initial) marketing success of the K3iii, it's quite clear that the target customers listen to this style of communication and appreciate what Pentax is currently doing for them.

I am a business consultant and I don't see a craziness in current Pentax's steps. I see a very well built and deep customer insight and courage of the company to rely on it.



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