The Wheel turns Full Circle.

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Re: The Wheel turns Full Circle.

xpatUSA wrote:

About eight years ago I use to fix watches and sell them on eBay. Even with a micro-Nikkor 60mm lens, my Nikon DSLR was never quite sharp enough for me - and my post-processing skill wasn't all that good either.

So I bought a used SD9 with it's two kit lenses - and it came also with a Sigma manual 50mm true-macro f/2.8 which even had an aperture ring on it. Wow, talk about sharp!! Sold the Nikon gear within weeks.

From my gear list, it can be seen that I've owned a few Sigmas since then, some models more than once. But today, I'm sending the SD15 to it's new owner which leaves me with just the recently purchased, new-in-box, SD9 and it's brother (bought for parts).

Full Circle indeed ...

Hello Ted,

that shows good things from the past aren´t necessarily bad today ?

Had to learn that over the years myself. Not much that sounds better than an `65 - `67 Strat  .


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