Why so many ups and downs in speed transfer from SSD to HDD

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Re: Why so many ups and downs in speed transfer from SSD to HDD

Nas from the Valley wrote:

Thank you all for advices! Today I tried the exact same copying of the same files and it was steady all the way to the end! I don't know what was the issue to be honest I didn't change anything since the other day but maybe as someone suggested there were some heavy background Windows processes running at the same time of copying.

If you haven't already, consider disabling Windows Search.

How to disable search in windows howtogeek

"Windows search" indexes your drives in the background so will have a direct effect on drive operation. Maybe search was indexing when you had the slow copying but was inactive when copying was steady.

I never want anything running in the background that can affect the use of my PCs at maximum speed. I always disable windows search on my two PCs and on my friend's PCs that I support.

I use the "Agent Ransack" search program that only runs when I open it. I never liked windows search since the time I searched for something I knew was on my hard drive but windows search didn't find it. I installed the "Agent Ransack" search program and it found it.  If the windows search index gets corrupt, then windows searches are not reliable.


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