Will there (soon) be a knockoff of Sony's ECM-B1M Camera Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone...?

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Arnstein Bjone
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Will there (soon) be a knockoff of Sony's ECM-B1M Camera Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone...?

It is obviously a fantastic microphone. (It actually has 8 mics!).
But, it is one of the most overpriced items out there (350 USD) I've ever seen.

I do understand that Sony needs to get their R&D-cost back (plus a decent/huge profit), but it doesn't seem fair that the first 1000 buyers should provide that...

Production costs 5-8 USD...?
Sony Corp. gets probably a minimum of 150USD of that 350 USD...?

The best and most trustworthy (initial) review I've seen so far, is from this artist/audio pro (Jon Sine):

This mic is not made for an extremely controlled environment like his studio, but I have seen enough tests/reviews already; It IS fantastic. Period. I'm convinced.

Even if I can afford to pay 350 USD (+ 25% VAT...) for a microphone, it hurts to pay an overprice like that.
I just bought a Canon EF 300 f/2.8 II, so I'm no stranger to pay for quality...but 350 USD for an "eBay-like-gadget"...? I don't like to do that.

Do you think there will be a knockoff... soon...?

Or, is the "talking" between the mic and the camera/camcorder too difficult to work out for other producers of audio equipment..? The reversed engineering is too difficult?

P.s. I'm going to upgrade to a 4K camcorder; Sony FDR-AX43, very soon.

I don't need the EVF that the previous(!) model AX 53 has. (Sony has some strange routines for naming their products...:-) )

I have never used the EVF on my camcorder for the past 10 years. My Sony Handycam CX730 (2010?) also has Steadycam (a fantastic gimbal-system!!) and all the features I need, but it is "only" 1080p...)

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