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General Guidance

I have confirmed my view with site admin and am now posting it.

Firstly, on what the forum is for: It's for discussing Challenges, not complaining about the voting not being fair or cheaters, etc. For that kind of issue, contact either the Challenge Host or site admin, if you think it's serious enough. Much of what is posted publicly here as research is guesswork and hard or impossible to confirm, especially by me or other members.

Secondly, bickering: When thread goes off-topic and ends up with 2 or 3 people bickering about some nuance or minutiae, I'm going to delete the top post where I judged that it was derailed. That will take all replies with it, so you're best off not engaging publicly on those issues. Instead, I suggest copying the link or text you want to discuss with that one person, and PM him or her. This will allow more viewpoints and more on-topic discussion and not drive others away from the thread.

Thanks for your cooperation, and I look forward to many interesting discussions.

Here's the conversation between admin and myself:

Smaug01 wrote:

Hi [admin member],

There is a lot of discussion in the Challenges Discussion forum. Some members are wanting to spend about 1/3 of the threads there questioning how votes are counted, whether there is cheating, etc.

My view was that the forum is not the place to discuss that, but that it should be used to discuss the challenges themselves. Challenge hosts and/or admin probably should handle that, as I don't have much visibility into it. However, I'm getting push-back on that, a few members really want to discuss it at every opportunity. Since I'm new, I don't want to just show up and start enforcing that without some more official background on it.

Advice please!


I completely agree with you. Threads that only exist to complain about voting or perceived cheating should probably be removed. I just closed one of the recent ones, but please keep me in the loop if this continues to be an issue.

If a thread is created for another purpose, but gets de-railed into those things, I will make a call on whether to delete the thread, the offending sub-thread or lock it, with or without comment. Remember that this is volunteer work for me, in addition to my day job and family duties. I'm only willing to spend so much time on it.

All I can do is try to be fair and keep it classy.

I'm open to polite feedback by PM. I'm only human and will miss things or make the wrong call from time to time. Please don't challenge me publicly, as that's a Rule 3 violation; if I humor that too much, I'll end up spending all my time justifying my actions.

Lastly, remember that these challenges are not a serious thing. There are no prizes other than a bit of internet glory. Try to remember it's just for fun. If you want a more "serious" challenge with official judges and cheat-proofing, these are probably not the challenges in which to be participating. Put on your thick internet skin.

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