Problem getting Moza Mini P gimbal to work with Sony A6500

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Problem getting Moza Mini P gimbal to work with Sony A6500

I'm starting this thread in hopes that someone else that has the Moza Mini P gimbal has some experience using it with Sony A series cameras and either has the same problem or can  shed some light on what I might be doing wrong.

The Moza Mini P is a light weight gimbal for cameras under 2 pounds and the Moza compatibility list shows the Sony A6500 as one of the models that it supports via USB.  Moza states that the gimbal can start and stop video or take still images and switch between video and still mode for my camera model.

In my case, I can't get it to work properly.  When I turn on the gimbal and then the camera, the button on the gimbal (black button) will start video when first pressed, then will stop video when pressed a second time, then without any further button presses, it will trigger a still image.  If I push the black button again, it will just trigger a still image. The Moza instructions for switching between still and video doesn't do a thing.

Has anyone else had the same results with this particular gimbal.  My firmware level on the gimbal is 2.0.4 which seems to be the lastest version.  I also have a Sony A6300 that has the same behavior.

As for the gimbals stabilization, I think it's very good and the fact that the gimbal is light and compact makes it ideal for a light load to carry around and use. I've decided to keep the gimbal because it does stabilize well and is convenient, but I would really like to see it work as advertised, because trying to manually start and stop on the camera while the gimbal is on is difficult as well as upetting the gimbal balance.  But that might be how I'll have to use it.

I wonder if Moza actually did thorough tests on this gimbal and camera model? Also if the firmware I have on it, which seems to be the latest, is faulty in this regard.

I've also tried all combinations of setting on my camera with the same results.

As a footnote, I have been interested in the DJI RS2 since reading about it when it was announced, but then a great flash deal from B&H on the Moza Mini P came along and it was too good to pass up, thus part of why I'm keeping it.

But last week, I decided to buy the RS2 from B&H and found all the functions are working properly right out of the box with my A6500.  The RS2 is a lot heavier and has more functionality plus a bigger payload, but the Mini P has its place too. Both seem to stabilize very well.

Hoping that someone with the Mini will respond.

Sony a6300 Sony a6500
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