Setting up home studio in Basement? Bad idea? Good idea?

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Setting up home studio in Basement? Bad idea? Good idea?


The past 4 years I have been printing large format in my home studio/office in Savannah Georgia. My HPZ3100 has been in an airconditioned room in the main part of my home. Never had any issues with the printer or storing my prints there.

I will be moving to Portland Oregon soon and will probably have to move my printing operations into a finished (or possibly unfinished) basement since it is doubtful, I will have a spare bedroom to occupy there.

I am passing my Z3100 along to another photographer before the move and probably going back to Epson (P8000 or the like). Side Note: I will always love that HP Z3100 but can’t move her across the country.

In Savannah, basements don’t really exist so I have a couple questions about the feasibility of setting up a studio in one. I have literally zero experiences with basements, so I apologize if some of this is common sense

-How concerned should I be about humidity or dampness? Portland isn’t a humid place (at least not like Savannah) but it has a rainy/wet season. I don’t know if this would be an issue putting a large format printer with ink in the basement. I wonder if it could affect print heads clogging or electronic issues?

-I would also need to store rolls of photo paper (mostly Moab Juniper Baryta but other paper types as well)

-I would probably also be storing some prints down their long term as well.

Any input is helpful. I am sure I could run a de-humidifier in the basement but still not sure of other implications. Not sure if any of this is a crazy idea to begin with.


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