Using *any* Lightroom camera profile with a Fujifilm camera - X100V tested

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Using *any* Lightroom camera profile with a Fujifilm camera - X100V tested

Process for Windows :

1: Make sure Lightroom is closed

2: Copy all of the profiles you want to a new "temp" folder. The originals are located in : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic\Resources\Settings\Adobe\Profiles\Camera

3: Open each profile in your temp folder in a text editor (I use notepad++)

4: Change the line in each file that says crs:CameraModelRestriction="{Some Camera}" to crs:CameraModelRestriction=""

5: Change the line that says : crs:CameraProfile="Some camera profile" to crs:CameraProfile="Camera PROVIA/Standard" . This should be set a neutral profile if your camera does not support provia. Just look in the existing profiles for your camera.

6: This step is most important... there is a line that says crs:UUID="{someUUID}" This needs to have a new unique value for each profile. Go to the website and generate as many uuids as you need. I used version 4 uuids since they are random based.

7: Save the edited files to the same temp location. Rename each file to indicate it is your custom profile... ie "Sean Camera Melancholic.xmp"

8: Finally, copy the files to your specific Fuji camera profile folder. In my case it was C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic\Resources\Settings\Adobe\Profiles\Camera\Fujifilm\Fujifilm X100V

The folder is protected, so provide administrator approval when prompted.

9: Start lightroom, and open a raw file from your camera. All of the profiles you added should appear now!

Note that many of these profiles allow you to adjust the "amount" slider to taste.

Here is an image using Nikon's "Denim" profile.

The process on a mac should be similar... maybe someone can post the steps if different. Keep your edited files in a seperate folder in case they get overwritten on an update.

This was inspired by this video : . The difference is that my technique does not require overwriting the existing profiles.

If you want to create your own profiles with custom lookup tables (LUT) see this video :

Enjoy! - Sean

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