Kipon F to Z mount Tilt adapter - pleasantly surprised

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Kipon F to Z mount Tilt adapter - pleasantly surprised

I wasn't able to find any reviews about this adapter before I purchased mine so I thought other users might find some of this information useful. (Tested on my Z6)

I purchased mine from the Kipon ebay store (around $212 + shipping).

This is a Nikon F mount to Nikon Z mount Tilt only adapter with no electronics and no aperture linkage - i.e. so only for lenses with aperture rings.

Construction of the adapter is excellent though the tilt and rotation lock feel a little delicate. Tilt is only in one direction with a maximum tilt of 11 degrees but you have 360 degree rotation with 'clicks' at 30 degree intervals. No electronic contacts so no EXIF lens data. The tilt lock is a friction/screw type.

Following images are full uncropped images

Here is an example of tilt using a Zeiss 55/1.4.

Zeiss 55/1.4 zf.2 at f/1.4

Zeiss 55/1.4 zf.2 at f/2.8

I did not notice any issues with abnormal vignetting with this or the 50/2, 100/2 zf.2 or 135/2 zf.2. Heavier lenses, like the 135/2 probably need some kind of lens support (I am waiting for this ).

Zeiss 35/1.4 zf.2 at f/2.8 maximum upward tilt

Zeiss 35/1.4 zf.2 at f/2.8 maximum upward tilt

The Zeiss 21/2.8 zf.2 however does show cyan shift. This lens does normally show some cyan shading in the corners caused by extreme ray angles and the sensor and this issue is exacerbated when tilted.

Zeiss 21/2.8 zf.2 maximum upward tilt (cyan shading top of image)

Laowa 100/2.8 macro at 2x, indicated aperture f/8

Works really well as far as I can tell and image circle size doesn't seem to be a problem.

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