A Not-So-Rigorous Comparison of DJI Mini 2 and PowerEgg X

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Ching-Kuang Shene
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A Not-So-Rigorous Comparison of DJI Mini 2 and PowerEgg X

There is not need to describe the DJI Mini 2, but PowerEgg X may not be very popular.  PowerEgg is big egg-like drone:

PowerEgg-X is its second version.  Yes, it is an egg-like shape, but one has to add the arms on while the original PowerEgg simply extends the arms that hold the propellers out.  PowerEgg X is the second version.  Anyway, the body of the drone is still an "egg".

Because of good weather yesterday, I took a few drones to fly approximately the same route in order to compare the video quality of these drones.  Make your decision by yourself.  However, this only provides two samples.  Video taken by  PowerEgg X

And, this is taken by my DJI Mini 2:

My personal findings are as follows:

  1.  PowerEgg X's control was not very smooth and was not as good as the Mini 2.  The PowerEgg X had WiFi transmission lag or delay.  My Mini 2 is more responsive.
  2. The video quality of PowerEgg X seems to be not as good as that of the Mini 2.
  3. Holding the remote controller of the Mini 2 in my hand felt better than holding the controller of PowerEgg X.
  4. I used my iPhone 12 Pro Max with an OEM case to fly my Mini 2.  I found that it was not so easy to mount my iPhone onto the phone holder.  Unfortunately, I could not use my Smart Controller nor my CrystalSky monitor with my Mini 2,


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