Why so many ups and downs in speed transfer from SSD to HDD

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Re: Why so many ups and downs in speed transfer from SSD to HDD

bmoag wrote:


The drive heads have to find the place to write to which is often not contiguous. There could also be issues with over-filling the buffer in the hard drive. Hard drive writes tend to top out at 150 bit per second while the read times off the SSD are up to ten times that speed.

It is not normal for a healthy hard drive.   When I copy from HDD to HDD or SSD to HDD, I get a steady 140MB+ with only +/-10% variance.    Just tried it again to confirm.   OP is dropping down to 10MB/s with short bursts to normal speeds.  That's not normal.

The only time I've seen this is if Virus Scan is getting in the way, or you have compression enabled, or your hard drive is nearly full.   Fragmentation is only an issue for writes on a full hard drive.  If there is contiguous space, it will not try to fill in fragments.

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