Video workflow, prune source video?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Video workflow, prune source video?

JLTaylor wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

NickZ2016 wrote:

Under media management...

Yeah, this looks like it'll do exactly what the OP is looking for. It's described starting on page 798 of the DaVinci Resolve 17 reference manual...

Thanks all. That was what I was hoping for. I have a test project for experimenting with tools and workflow, and will try out a couple of test cases tonight. I will also backup the real project and keep duplicates of all the source files for awhile.

It would have taken a while to find it, the manual is over 3500 pages.

99% of the trick in finding things in the manual is to understand the jargon that Resolve uses.  "Handles", "bouncing", "Dynamic Zoom" etc. are all very Resolve-specific terms that you pick up as you go.   Once you have the name, searching the manual is simple.   So credit Nick with knowing what to look for.

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