Video workflow, prune source video?

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Re: Video workflow, prune source video?

NickZ2016 wrote:

Under media management you'll see an option with a number of frames before/after handles. I think that's the option you want. It's supposed to edit the original clip keeping an extra number of frame around the used part.

Yeah, this looks like it'll do exactly what the OP is looking for.  It's described starting on page 798 of the DaVinci Resolve 17 reference manual (this PDF is installed when you install DVR version 17.2, which has just been released).

You open your project and select "File -> Media Management" from the top menu bar.  It'll copy all your media, or all your used media, or copy and trim all your used media to a destination folder and let you automatically relink everything in the project to the new files.  It gives you the option to do this for specific clips, for specific timelines, or for the entire project.

If you have transitions in the project then I'm thinking you'll need to be sure to save enough frame handles (frames before the "In" point and after the "Out" point) to cover the transitions.

I wasn't aware of this feature until Nick pointed it out (thanks!), if you use it let us know how it worked for you.  I personally would back everything up somewhere before I tried it, including exporting the project to a ".drp" file so you can undo everything if needed.

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