Buying Lens for shooting kids, need advise.

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Re: Buying Lens for shooting kids, need advise.

My 2 cents no question the 24-105 mm

You dont need f 2.8 and most likely you are stopping down anyway since they are moving targets not staying not the same focal plane so F 8 there about to shoot.

I just upgraded my A7iii and shot many events and runway fashion of models walking the runway.  i shot live bands all with the 24-105... Yes I used flash and any system I get an external flash is a must have..  Diffuse and bounce with what you are doing and you are fine when needed.

The other body idea I have not fully researched is the A7C

You want a zoom over a prime lens for this because your frame can always be changing and by the time you say I need to change lenses back and forth that is all you are doing.

at that point back to the iphone etc...

SO 24-105 is a great lens constant aperture and if you decide to do video on demand its best practice to have a fixed aperture lens anyway especially for a zoom.

IMO money is not object when it comes to family since you can not necessarily repeat a lost moment.

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