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Jocksa wrote:

mais51 wrote

I hope Nikon bring out an update version of the 16-35mm. The lens released more than 10 years ago - even the cheaply built 18-35 is better optically.

Not in my experience. I have heard of some very poor examples of the 16-35, in fact there was a thread last week where the pictures posted were very soft even in the centre. But assuming you get a normal copy of the 16-35, it is pretty much identical in optical performance between 18 and 35mm as the 18-35. Both lenses seem to dislike the 35mm focal length.

The only difference between my two is that the 16-35 has a 16mm option that the 18-35 obviously doesn’t.

The other important difference not to be overlooked is very effective VR in the 16-35. If you happen to shoot handheld in cathedrals, castles, etc., you would appreciate this benefit tremendously. Also helps with using small aperture for DOF maximization in any poorly lit environment, as well as avoiding shooting at f/4 where the lens may not be at its best in the corners. IMHO, the VR alone makes this lens a winner over 18-35 or even 14-24 for that matter.

Admittedly, at 16mm the corners are softer than at 18mm and I think that’s where the idea that the 18-35 is better comes from because you can argue that at their widest setting the 18-35 is better than the 16-35, but that’s because the 16-35 is doing something the 18-35 can’t.

If you don’t want the 16mm option, the 18-35 is cheaper (although not much if buying used) lighter and smaller.

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