EVF -- a) precise exposure level? b) always with histogram?

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Re: EVF -- a) precise exposure level? b) always with histogram?

EspE1 wrote:

Prevously, in the days of films, I was quite corncerned about the light metering methods a camera offered, and I used spot metering on my OM cameras a lot to better get the exposure I wanted. With the advent of digital cameras this was not as important any longer as we could immediately see on the display if things had gone wrong and normally retake with corrected exposure settings, if needed -- or, with no film cost to worry about, just use exposure bracketing in the first instance to be sure.

With electronic viewfinders this is taken one step further as we can see in real time the effect of exposure settings and adjust on the fly. So now I almost disregard what kind of light metering method I employ, and just relate to how things look in the EVF -- WYSIWYG.

WYSIWYG doesn't always bear out in my experience, as it can depend on the picture mode used, software and whether you're shooting Jpeg, Raw or both (not to mention your monitor).

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