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Picasa perfect replacement

Hi there,

After spending a lot of time searching for a perfect replacement for Picasa, which wasn't clunky, hideous, or with too many useless features, I finaly found it : Phototheca

Photo management software (lunarship.com)

Disclamer : I'm not in any way connected to the developer, or paid to talk about it. I just hope that if this fantastic software become more popular, it will get more features and support.

English is not my native language, so I will only post my pros and cons.

- Clean UI.
I can't stand the windows 95 looks that a lot of DAM/Browser offer.

- You have a lot of option for Photo tagging/Metadata.
In Exif, Iptc or XMP, with the abbility to add keywords or fix incorrect infos.

- Import/sync folder, with a lot of different presentations.
(I like the event and calendar display)

- Facial recognition

- A lot of browsing and organizing capabilities.
Like smart albums, dual views, files type, facial...

- It can detect duplication

- Allow you to export your photo in many ways.
Including Google photos or Flickr Albums.

- Works with Raw and Video

- It has a buit in photo editor (But I don't use it)

- A geo tagging feature is on it's way. 
Geotagging photos in Phototheca : Phototheca (lunarship.com)

- Can be used in touch mode

- Frequently updated

- Lack of Keyboard shortcuts

- No settings to browse with the mouse wheel

- The thumbnails maximum size is not big enough

- No loop browsing

- No internal video player

- Kinda pricey (40$ for the Home Edition)

Conclusion : I love this app.

Just try it !

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