The Market for Powerful Pack Systems

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Simon Barker Contributing Member • Posts: 924
Re: The Market for Powerful Pack Systems

Rico Tudor wrote:


Seems a bit low but I'm not in marketing. For sure, I need the full 1200J of my two Profoto packs: it gives me ambient fill @ f/8 in my studio.

It's low because rental houses don't want to replace all their working Pro 8 and 10 packs with the latest model which is a complete side grade on the Pro 10 while costing them hundreds of thousands. They won't have even made their money back from the Pro 10 purchases yet.

It's a serious outlay for them and how much money have they really made in the last year thanks to COVID?

True enough regarding power, if someone isn't familiar with these packs it's worth remembering that while it might sound like a lot of power once it's split between 2 or 3 heads in gigantic modifiers it kinda isn't anymore.

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