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Re: gone in a flash

hi wes i hope i find you feeling fit and well i used to have some great times  when i had my kodak cameras and shared them on the kodak forum

yes that 3rd shot  is what i call a high energy shot  and action all the way if you can capture the moment

what i normally  do is shoot a bird like that is to be in manual mode with auto iso

choose the aperture  dial it in and leave it there  set the shutter speed on the lower  side

take a few shots while the bird is stillish,,now i know i have at least got some pictures of the actually bird now my next thought is to be prepared just incase it takes off

now i dial in very quickly a higher shutter speed above 1/1000sec   the higher the better

for smaller birds could be 1/2000 sec  or 1/4000sec to capture them leaving the perch

most birds will do a poo just before  departure time to make them selves lighter to fly

so when you see that fidgety moment or stretching get ready to shoot

use a small focus area and place that area on the birds body

you also need to have your camera in  burst mode   and auto focus continuous

and depending on how good your cameras tracking capability is also comes into play

but i guess you know all this anyway being a older guy like me lol

stay safe  regards bassy

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