SIGMA releases Eight (8) lenses for LEICA CL

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SIGMA releases Eight (8) lenses for LEICA CL

Sigma has made a point to release eight (8) highly compact lenses:

The old APS-C f/1.4 trio of 56mm, 30mm and 16mm.

The all-metal "I series" with aperture rings* and magnetic caps:

  • 24mmF3.5 demi-macro 225g cupcake;
  • 45mmF2.8 225g cupcake;
  • 35mmF2 330g compact;
  • and high-performance 65mmF2 at 405g.

Personally, I am awaiting the Sigma C 28-70mmF2.8 (470g)

These are not the only ones, of course. There are now many options in the size+weight range of Leica’s TL lenses.

Panasonic has the 350g S20-60mmF3.5-5.6, and is now releasing f/1.8 compact primes with uniform dimensions (so far the S85mmF1.8 at 350g, with the 50mm next, then 24mm and 35mm.)

Lenses designed without compact intentions are also light enough for the LEICA CL and LEICA TL2 in some circumstances.

I plan to use the less wieldy ART85mmF1.4 (630g) and ART105mmF2.8 Macro with 2x teleconverter (705g) sometimes, and perhaps the ‘Certified by LEICA’ S Pro 70-200mmF4 (995g).

While others report happily using the 500-850g zooms regularly or as their main lens (ART14-24mmF2.8, ART24-70mmF2.8, S24-105mmF4, S70-300mmF4.5-5.6, S Pro 16-35mmF4 Certified by LEICA.)

I’m making this point as many people are unaware of how many high-quality, compatible and compact lenses are available for the SL, TL, and CL cameras.

*Like most L Mount Alliance attributes, the aperture ring control requires lens and camera firmware to be up to date (unfortunately, the TL2/TL/T cameras have not received f/w, but the LEICA CL and full-frames have.)

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