Leica CL vs. D-Lux 7 Image Quality

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L family compact lenses Re: Leica CL vs. D-Lux 7 Image Quality

athensGA wrote:

nlk10010 wrote:

At one point I had the D-Lux 7, CL and Leica Q.

Evaluation of image quality is subjective, all I can tell you is from my perspective it was CL > Q > D-Lux 7. The CL was closest to my M10, I liked it that much

That’s a bold damn statement right there, bud. Not doubting you, mind. I thought my previous Q had better iso performance than my current fuji x100v, which probably has a similar chip to the cL and a lens that is at least in the ballpark. Regardless unless one wants to adapt m lenses,

the lens roster for the cl is slim .

I’m surprised that this is still the perception of the L family lens options.

Some people may not be interested in Sigma and Panasonic lenses, yet there are many options in the size+weight range of the TL lenses.

Sigma has also made a point to release eight (8) highly compact lenses. The old APS-C f/1.4 trio of 56mm, 30mm and 16mm. And the all-metal "I series" with aperture rings: 24mmF3.5 demi-macro 225g cupcake; 45mmF2.8 225g cupcake; 35mmF2 330g compact; and high-performance 65mmF2 at 405g.

Personally, I am awaiting the Sigma C 28-70mmF2.8 (470g)

These are not the only ones, of course. Panasonic has the 350g S 20-60mmF3.5-5.6, and is now releasing f/1.8 compact primes. Also, some of the lenses designed without compact intentions are also light enough for some circumstances.

The L family has more accessible high quality native lens options than any system, except perhaps E mount if Tamron and Sigma are counted (though for the L family there is direct co-operation between Leica, Sigma and Panasonic rather than a mere semi-open-protocol.)

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