XT-3 v XT-4 v X-S10 with 70-300mm lens for air-shows and nature image capture

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Re: XT-3 v XT-4 v X-S10 with 70-300mm lens for air-shows and nature image capture

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maltmoose wrote:

I used an xe3 and the 50-230 to shoot at an airshow once and got some nice photos from it. The camera body and AF wasnt the main issue. (although certainly not ideal, i could live with it) The main issue was that i didnt have nearly enough reach..

If you want the best results get 400mm imo, any 24=26mp body will do but the xs10 has a nice grip and some useful memory modes for action so maybe that body and its not so expensive as xt4.

The teleconverters work with the XF70-300mm, too, so the reach is outstanding for the weight (especially with Sportsfinder mode.)

That XC50-230mm is a super-bargain.

Yep, its a suspiring lens but has its limitations. I'm thinking of getting the 70-300 but not sure if i should just get a 400 and keep the 50-230 hmmm

Nothing ive seen has convinced me the x2 TC is good enough combined with this lens. maybe the x1.4 TC

Yeah, very few zooms seem to gain from x2 rather than cropping.

The other use for the XC50-230 is for when the terrain or situation may be tenuous, yet reach is important - losing an XC rather than an XF or red badge is not so bad.

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