G9, once shutter released photos appear darker

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Re: G9, once shutter released photos appear darker

Cevennes wrote:

alcelc wrote:

  • Have you adjust the setting of evf/LCD, e.g. brightness?
  • Did you mean Live View simulated image, or the image under Preview mode?
  • Any chance the Exposure Compensation would be > +/-3ev?
  • What is your Constant Preview setting in Menu?
  • What is your shooting mode? The simulated image under P/S/A is different from that of M under different setting of Constant Preview...

The sort of discrepancy between the simulated image in Live View vs output could be big in the older models but for newer models, I find the difference is getting smaller.

I changed the brigtness but it's due to live preview i guess.

This might be the culprit.

Live View might be limited to more constraint, the lens will keep wide open such that effect of aperture indeed is a guess work.

In your setting you use Preview, the lens will stop down physically during the operation so the data on sensor used to simulate an image should be more accurate than the usual LV.

However, the simulated image would be created upon the jpg setting and exposure value in used (related to the parameters used) only. Any adjustment on evf/LCD is not counted. Therefore, says if an image would be captured using an exposure value of XXev, when a simulated image was so created, but if the brightness of evf been increased 1ev from default, you will see the image in evf has a brightness of XX + 1ev... Naturally you will get a darker (different) output from what you saw before the shooting.

Hence I always suggest LV shooter not to mess with the default setting of evf/LCD since it might produce a misleading visual guide for exposure setting.

Exposure -1ev, mode M, constant preview on.

I use the 60mm oly and 12-60 leica, same behavior.

A friend who also own a G9 and a Z6 was also surprised of the difference between the preview and final photo.

Processing raws it's not a problem.

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