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iitsdavis wrote:

I recently purchased an A9, and I'm not sure if I'm suffering from buyers remorse but I just want to know if I purchase the right camera that met my needs. Ranking the types of photography I do, I would rank Landscape/Nightscape & street photography as the most important then Portraits and concert and events like music festivals as a good second. I like to take still portraits but also where my subjects are moving (not erratically but like spinning or throwing something in the air).

The things that I was looking for in a Camera was:

  1. Good autofocus
  2. Ability to do a timelapse

After purchasing the A9, I felt I should of gotten the RIV instead. Since I like to shoot mostly scapes and street. I’m still waiting for the A9 to arrive as I have 30 days to return but I'm not sure how it would handle nights scapes and events and concert at night + I imagine the noise from the photos would be a problem. I was considering the RIII but they don't have a timelapse feature and the RIV has better AF. Did I purchase the wrong camera?

I use my A9 for everything that you mention and much more. It is an awesome camera and I totally love it.

It is also a great performer in low light (bested only slightly by the s models) and it has more than sufficient pixels for just about any practical purpose including landscapes which I often shoot with mine.

Do you have portfolio or an album I that I can see some of the photos you taken with the a9?

I have never been disappointed by its IQ (except when it was the result of my own errors and not the fault of the camera).

I'm puzzled by your concerns, perhaps you should simply use your A9 for a while and then form your own opinions and not worry about the endless "latest and greatest" stuff that floods forums.

Keep in mind that the "perfect camera" has yet to be invented and it probably never will.

Yep, here ya' go.  My entire portfolio has been shot with an A9.

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