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Days at the beach

I got to spend a few days with the family at a beautiful cabin right on the beach here in Washington State. It's been a long time since I could get away and as always it was much too short.. But it was amazing nonetheless, and I had a lot of fun playing with my camera. Here's a handful of my favorite images:

A nice sunset. Dynamic range sure is nice.

A couple bald eagles enjoying an easy brunch. They landed right in front of me on a morning stroll. I was wondering if these two would be a mated pair or perhaps just sharing their range? It's moments like these when you really wish you had a longer lens. I'm thinking my next one will be that 24-240 since I'm probably a few years away from the 100-500. But, some day...

Old Lady Isabelle ponders the vast Ocean and what lies beyond, as well as the meaning of existence and-- well probably not all that but I enjoy the thought that she might. She was born on a small island vaguely way off in the direction that she's looking, and I do wonder if the scent of this Ocean brings back memories. I don't think she's been to the Ocean since we flew her here over a decade ago.

Our cabin was about 30 feet to the left of these trees. I felt this scene was begging for the B&W treatment which everyone knows always grants a bonus of (at least) 10 artsy-points to any image. I'm still debating whether I prefer this crop or not as there's 20%ish of open beach that's been chopped off on the right side. I'd definitely like to come back here and be a little more thoughtful about this composition and the placement of the trees. I do love these windswept trees that you'll find on beaches like this, and there's a ton of really great ones all along this beach.

Here's a very significant crop of Winslow doing his favorite thing. He may have an IQ in the low single digits when compared with other dogs, but he makes up for this with raw speed & athleticism.

I hope everyone's having a good month! I'm very much so looking forward to Summer where hopefully I'll get a lot more opportunities to play with my camera even more.

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