I can't download Microsoft ICE

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davinci953 Regular Member • Posts: 406
Re: I can't download Microsoft ICE

JustGeorge wrote:

A quick internet search came up with:


And further down that page are two links, one for 64-bit, the other for 32-bit:



The two download links are from archive.org (The "Internet Wayback Machine". The 64-bit d/l matches my d/l from MS in 2016.

While I personally trust archive.org, I strongly suggest you do your own due diligence with regard to malware scanning.

I wasn't looking for the installer for myself, but thanks. I had a previous version of ICE and downloaded the 64-bit installer. The file is signed by Microsoft and a scan of the file came up with nothing untoward. If anyone is wanting the installer, I think that these links are fine.

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