Some viewpoints in regard to the two main camera systems of today.

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Ivar Dahl Larsen
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Some viewpoints in regard to the two main camera systems of today.

There is an ever-ending debate about mirrorless contra DSLR cameras. Now my personal experience is that they actually go side by side elegantly and one has advantages as well as the other. I may be biased in some people's view, but I treasure both.

Back to my experience with both. As a spectacle wearer, in certain situations when the sun is not in a favourable position, mirrorless is to me by looking through the EVF / viewfinder, a pain in the butt or rather very inconvenient to my eyes. Switching from one eye to the other helps a tiny bit but most of the times I don't see a sh...

Does anyone recognise that problem or is it only me? I doubt the latter. Under general circumstances, the EVF is bright and clear, with no problems. And its capability of giving me the right information through the EVF is a great advantage of course.

Using my DSLR however, I actually bought it a few months back due to the viewfinder problems of mine by wearing glasses, those problems have totally disappeared. I am seeing through glass. The disadvantage is that it does not reveal what you see is what you get by using the viewfinder.

With the new DSLRs of yesterday, that is not really the case anymore. I like to use it as I did way back, more of a thought challenge I guess and yes a bit nostalgic.

I have only one DSLR and four mirrorless and please do not ask me which brand, it is quite irrelevant.

Please do not be blunt as to say mirrorless is absolutely the best. For some maybe, but not for all. I tend to use my DSLR with longer lenses mostly and my mirrorless with wider and «normal perspective» lenses. In most cases, I use primes as I prefer to move my legs before they wither.

Strangely enough, the DSLR, a small one you see and not heavy, tends to be grasped more and more with a small 24mm, stabilized and not heavy on my asp-c camera. I also use its primes on my mirrorless too. Working passionately with two cameras of either kind while the results come out as good as the other. Cheers to all and Godspeed in your photographic world.

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