Help With Studio Lighting/Backdrop & Technique

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Help With Studio Lighting/Backdrop & Technique

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 camera and am trying to take photos of various size objects and some furniture with a stark white background.
I shot the 2 photos below on white foam core background with 2 household daylight LED bulbs, but had to do a lot of processing in Photoshop to produce the pure white background, reduce shadows on objects and heighten detail.
Shadows on background as shown in photos are OK by me.
I do not have to have shadowless, catalog type images produced with a light box, but I would like to have appropriate studio lighting and roll backdrop for photo shoot to produce photos that do not need a lot of post production processing in Photoshop to achieve the end result I want.
This may be a one time project, so I do not want to invest a lot of $ in high quality equipment, but I also don't want to waste $ on products that are prone to easily break.

1) What type of lighting source and wattage should I use? LED? 5000K? etc.

2) Are two lighting sources sufficient for eliminating shadows on objects or do I need more?
(I have built in flash on the camera, as well as a Precision DSLR 350 flash that came with the camera kit.)

3) What type of soft light modifiers should I use?
Based on Expert Photography (.com) information, I'm leaning toward umbrellas rather than softboxes, and reflective rather than diffusion umbrellas.
See - How To Use a Photography Umbrella for Perfect Lighting (@ Expert Photography)

4) Please recommend a backdrop & studio lighting setup, including use of flash if needed, describing process in detail. 
(I have no previous experience with studio photography.)

I found the following articles online.
(Google the titles since I don't dare post links lest Footski Mod delete my post and permanently ban me again!
Three best photography lighting sets - Chicago Tribune
The best backdrop stand - Chicago Tribune

Fovitec lighting bundle recommended in the CT article is more than I want to budget.
The alternate LimoStudio bundle is no longer available for sale.

Does LimoStudio manufacture suitable quality product for my needs?

I found this economical LimoStudio backdrop, although not the same model recommended in the article - : LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10' x 9.4' (W x H) Adjustable Muslin Backdrop Stands, Background Backdrop Support Kit with Super Clamps, Backdrop String Clip Holders, Sandbags, Carry Case Bag, AGG2862 : Camera & Photo
Also, this lighting kit : LimoStudio, 700W Output Lighting Series, LMS103, Soft Continuous Lighting Kit for White and Black Umbrella Reflector with Accessory and Carry Bag : Photographic Lighting Umbrellas : Camera & Photo

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