Godox makes official announcement of P2400, a 2400 watt-second AC powered system

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Re: Godox, please keep pressure on Bron & Profoto!

herrMartin wrote:

also funny if you search for godox replacement/ repair you often find videos from Indian repair shops. maybe the repair problem with godox is more a thing people in Europe and America are afraid of because we forgot that 20 years ago it was totally normal to get a broken TV, washing machine repaired by someone in the city.

That's an odd point to be making, Godox has intentionally opted not to offer any form of support/repair directly to customers in the west, whereas in most Western countries for decades we've had several local options for every major lighting brand.

flashes are no rocket science. repairing capacitors, swapping broken displays or switches is simple and cheap and only this to special shops is weird and maybe a concept which is too much b.s. for Asian countries.

This sounds an awful lot like the Dunning-Kruger effect, the skill and knowledge of someone working on high voltage equipment is actually quite important in my experience but sure any idiot can replace a circuit board but that doesn't mean they know what they're doing.

Maybe this 2400Ws pack was not intended as an alternative for our old big profoto packs but rather driven by demand in Asia, by big e-commerce shops ...

What you say may be true but they didn't just kneecap the $17k Pro-11 by accident.

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