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Bosun Higgs wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

Can't really do spherical stitch using film.

I've done many hundreds of full sphericals using film. In terms of stitching, I cannot see the difference between a fisheye image scannned from film and one taken digitally.

So, you're digitally stitching scans to make a digital model of a spherical projection. That is NOT what I'd call creating a spherical image using film!

I've actually used purely photochemical darkroom methods to stitch images to make a wider view more than a few times, and it's nearly impossible to make anything approximating a spherical image (literally, a correctly-proportioned image on a physical sphere). Cylindrical projections are relatively easy to create with a scanning-slit camera, but even just stitching two rectilinear images in the analog domain is a pain... primarily because things get stretched off axis, so just aligning a pair of images at the edges actually ends up creating a composite image that has scene content slightly stretched in the middle. You can correct for that by curving the paper/negative when printing, but then enlarger DoF becomes a significant issue. The reason it's so hard to make a true spherical image using film is that the film/paper needs to curve in two dimensions, but bending a flat negative/paper can only curve in one dimension.

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