D7100 in 2021?

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Re: D7100 in 2021?

Apparently, they both use the same sensor but Nikon did something to 'fix' the banding issue in D7200. For someone like me who dosn't need to push the image 5 stops  in PP, there should be no difference.

In my case, my D7200 needs massive AFFT with at lease two of my lenses. Doing AFFT is a pain for me. So, I just don't use those two lenses on that body. Even on the other lenses, I feel that it doesn't produce the best results it is possible of. When I shoot in live-view, it is better.

I am OK living with the small unnoticeable loss of IQ, that is only visible at 100% pixel peeping. My D7100 was super sharp even if zooming past 100%.

The problem is not unique because my D810 also requires AFFT with two of my FF lenses (not the same two that need AFFT on D7200). It works well with the rest.

for the pain of AFFT, I have decided to buy no more DSLR bodies/lenses. My next destination is ML

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