G9, once shutter released photos appear darker

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Re: G9, once shutter released photos appear darker

alcelc wrote:

  • Have you adjust the setting of evf/LCD, e.g. brightness?
  • Did you mean Live View simulated image, or the image under Preview mode?
  • Any chance the Exposure Compensation would be > +/-3ev?
  • What is your Constant Preview setting in Menu?
  • What is your shooting mode? The simulated image under P/S/A is different from that of M under different setting of Constant Preview...

The sort of discrepancy between the simulated image in Live View vs output could be big in the older models but for newer models, I find the difference is getting smaller.

I changed the brigtness but it's due to live preview i guess.

Exposure -1ev, mode M, constant preview on.

I use the 60mm oly and 12-60 leica, same behavior.

A friend who also own a G9 and a Z6 was also surprised of the difference between the preview and final photo.

Processing raws it's not a problem.

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